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The kingdom of the abyss is like a treasure chest of precious gemstones that sparkle in the deep darkness and blinding when they emerge to the surface. The exquisitness of the sea become delicious and sought after dishes suitable for the most demanding palates, those that taste of saltiness they want to hear about all the tastebuds of the palate, throat, to reach the ecstasy of a mind in jubilation.

We want to start from the pulp of urchin? From that mechato orange red enclosed in a casing of thorns? A teaspoon of pleasure to be enjoyed to the natural, to improve the bruschetta, to do a whirl with spaghetti. Pasta from "Verrigni" or pasta from "Campi di Gragnano", to feel all the wheat and the old tradition of pasta masters, to tie such a genuine element of Italian cuisine in a gem of Cetara, for example: have you tasted the pasta with anchovies, or not? And the anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea? Those big, pulpy and tasty, carefully processed before salting? Then there are the delicate flavors. The risotto with blue lobster, for example, one prepared with the Acquerello of Tenuta Colombara, aged in Italy, worked with the propeller, as rich as the integral?

Rare pearls of Neptune, the oysters of the French seas, are there: Fine de claire, Gilardeaux, Belon. Down in the throat, releasing all their power. Not least the sensation of chewing red prawns of Mazzara and fresh shrimp, topped with a drizzle of the best Sicilian Dop oil and a pinch of pink salt that enhance the concept but does not obscuring the taste.

Tha Caviar... Calvisius, Beluga. The prince among the gifts of the sea is always present and available on our table, to enjoy black pearls that hatch spreading the pollen.

And Percebes of Galicia? That tangle of long cylinders as a finger, dressed in black, which contain colors and shapes to appear marzipan sculptures when, instead, it is a bombonniere of the sea, an exclusive and rare product belonging to the crustacean family. Delicious!

There are fish and shellfish that is not always easy to find, you have to require, they must come from somewhere. San Pietro, monkfish, lobster, cicadas and blue lobsters are always available, fresh caught and alive in the aquarium at view of our clients.

Sweets, desserts, fruit salads and ice cream. Casings skins enclosing creamy ice cream to the taste of their fruit that resemble: the berries are the best way to refresh the palate and close the meal with an air of ecstasy.

A cuisine that respects the best regional tradition with a modern twist and international with a particular regard for the presentation and a scrupulous attention to local products, on regional excellence, Italian and foreign. Raw dishes, slabs of lava stone full of delicacies, bijou of tartare, catalan salad: arugula basket, cherry tomatoes, fresh onions and lobster. Unmissable!

To satisfy the tastes of all from a romantic terrace on the sea that looks back to Taormina.
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